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AquaSave Foundation

The AquaSave Foundation emerges as a non-profit entity and establishes itself as a fundamental pillar in the conservation of our planet's most valuable resource: water. Its philosophy is based on creating a decentralized network of data, driven by the AquaSave Network and its innovative Aquabank devices. These devices not only represent public goods by being owned and operated by their contributors but also symbolize a move towards sustainable and participatory water management.

Foundation Philosophy

The essence of the AquaSave Foundation lies in building a decentralized data network for water, turned into a public good thanks to the active participation of the community. This vision promotes not only the collective ownership of the critical infrastructure for water conservation but also its direct operation by those who contribute to its growth and maintenance. The philosophy focuses on democratizing access to information and tools necessary for water saving, ensuring that resource management is transparent, efficient, and accessible to all.

Foundation Mission

The mission of the AquaSave Foundation is to lead the global fight against water scarcity, through detailed analysis and control of water and energy consumption. Through technological innovation and community participation, it seeks to implement practical solutions that facilitate a more efficient use of these essential resources.


Legally constituted as a Cayman Foundation Company Limited by Guarantee, the foundation is organized around three fundamental committees: Technical, Data Quality, and Economic. This structure ensures effective management and rigorous oversight of the foundation's activities, promoting continuous innovation and data integrity.


The primary responsibility of the AquaSave Foundation is the global expansion of the AQUASAVE Network and the sustainable management of the network's tokenomics. Over time, it will assume key roles currently performed by AquaSave INC, including maintaining the decentralized data network and developing open technologies aimed at water saving.


AquaSave INC acts as the principal distributor of Aquabank devices, using consumption data to design and market water and energy-saving solutions. These collaborations are fundamental to the foundation's mission, as they facilitate the direct implementation of technologies that promote resource conservation among end consumers.