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Future Launch Schedule for AquaSave



  • Airdrop Missions: Launch interactive missions to engage the community and promote early adoption. These missions will extend over the 2024 year.
  • Devices Pre-Sale: Open pre-sales for the AquaBank Saver devices, targeting early adopters.
  • NFTs Collection Assignment: Launch a collection of 1000 NFTs assigned to AquaBank Saver early adopter buyers.


  • Token Generation Event (Testnet): Initiate the first public testnet phase for the AQC token to ensure stability and security.
  • Token Security Audit: Conduct comprehensive security audits to ensure the integrity and safety of the token before public release.


  • AQC Token Public Launch: Official release of the AQC token to the general market.
  • Listing on Exchanges: Introduce the AQC token to major cryptocurrency exchanges to increase accessibility and liquidity.
  • Platform & Explorer Deployment: Full deployment of the AquaSave platform and explorer, enhancing transparency and user engagement.
  • AquaBank Device Sales: Continue sales of AquaBank Saver devices following the initial pre-sale phase.


  • First Devices Delivery: Begin the distribution of the first batch of AquaSave devices to early users.