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What is AquaSave


An innovative DePIN project, AquaSave is committed to addressing the global water crisis by creating an ecosystem that integrates a network of IoT devices, the use of smart data analysis, Blockchain technologies, and incentivizes community participation for monitoring and analyzing the situation of the planet's water resources.

With water scarcity projected to become the number one global risk in the next decade, millions of liters wasted in different scenarios, and the lack of real-time measurement; AquaSave recognizes the urgent need to take action. Our vision is to change the way the world interacts with water, building a sustainable and environmentally friendly ecosystem around this vital resource. Thanks to AquaSave's technology we can minimize water consumption and waste while promoting and encouraging the implementation of successful policies in various contexts.

Market Objectives

AquaSave's market objectives include key players in water management and conservation, such as:

  • Water and Energy Suppliers
  • Private Companies
  • Public Institutions & Governments

All of them are interested in integrating technologies for better water management to ensure its availability to the population, in addition to reducing consumption and waste. Also, we are targeting individual Customers who are interested in reducing their billing costs, are environmentally conscious, or interested in receiving incentives and discounts.

Network State Focus

Focusing on the network state, AquaSave promotes a model where each participant is not only a user of technology but also an active member of a global network that values and works towards water sustainability. By issuing water footprint certificates, AquaSave positions itself in a new market with enormous potential, highlighting the importance of each individual in the fight against water scarcity and pollution. This approach not only addresses a global problem but also empowers the community through technology and collaboration.